About Us

“Mangalsudha is not a name it’s a journey of two people my parents who have work hard and made beautiful sculptures with their hands lifelong. It was their dream not only for them but also for their fellow artists with a hope that one day people around the world will recognize them and their work”. MangalsudhaAn institution which encourage sculptures work, artists of this art around India to give them a platform which can bring India in a map again in creative work.


When I join my family business my aim was to make it big  and name it as Mangalsudha because it’s my how to write an argument synthesis essay theessayclub.com parents dream so I thought nothing better than mangalsudha “mangala” my mother name “sudhakar” my father name.

Hand Crafted

Premium Quality


A platform to all the artists

It is effort of my team to give our art a platform where people can know us know, our work & Our Indian hidden talent where designs are made with hand and that too with eco friendly products. We are working from many years in our mother land and from here we have also made sculptures for foreign countries too and they all have always appreciated our work and encourage us. We believe in making eco friendly products for safety of our environment which is necessary for country like India.

This work which we are doing is from past many years and it has come in our hereditary, we always believe in giving our art in a way that person who purchase it from us can feel our love for our work and sculpture made.

Civil Engineer as sculpture artist and promoting

Basically I am a civil Engineer by profession I have completed civil engineering but I always feel I was born to bring our art at new highs so I started promoting sculpture work in Maharashtra first, then outside India and finally decided to make a website where people can see our handicrafts work. For me it’s not work its Dream and enjoyment and I never felt I am working for hours for single sculpture because we love our work & it gives me immense how to write an argument synthesis essay theessayclub.com pleasure to promote our Indian talent around the world and showcase them what we can made from soil and all. Our work looks simple but it’s not easy, it need time patience, a vision, to mold soil in a way that it comes out as an art. Our focus is in providing a quality work, some innovative handmade art which people had never seen before. Our sculptures are combinations of old and modern art, combination of pure innovative and excellence an inspiration by using nature in art with our hands.


Mangalsudha team believes in making healthy relations with clients for us it is not just a business for us it is also new relation and we maintain our relation with full heart and focus on giving best to our clients which brings smile on their faces. When it comes to work we go through certain steps and giving finish touch check its durability quality and all before selling it to clients.

“Machines can’t match handmade quality it can make sculpture lively and beautiful”

Complete team

We are compete team which work with purity and provide finishing touch to our art by cutting to stitching, cleaning to checking, sampling to embossing our products with safety.

Our Services and Rates

We believe in giving fast service to client. We maintain on our words we use mostly eco friendly products to make sculptures.

 We understand market conditions sour focus is sell our art at affordable price which can give justice to client and our team.

Come and join us

Come and join hands with us and encourage young sculpture artists around India to bring our art in Global Market and make India shine around the world.