Mangalsudha Concrete Crafts

Mangalsudha Concrete Crafts work is Making Difference in GRC work all over India by providing best designs and arts. Mangalsudha team is involved in construction and building designs from past many years. We are blessed with experienced team, who are skilled for this work, and make dead wall can you use i in a synthesis essay jump4love lively with innovative designs. We are ornaments for building, school, gardens, offices etc. with best architecture design for all. For this We use material called GFRC/GRC & ferrocrete.  Mangalsudha concrete craft team had done work like designs for gardens, indoor and outdoor planters for garden, hotels, schools buildings etc. other architecture designs like building beautiful and stylish columns and pillars, then windows and doors designs architectural designs, other work like  bands, stylish domes for temples, building and gardens, classic brackets designs to give old age ancient classic rich look, lovely zarokhas for hotels and homes to give fresh and adorable look for  balconies,  best design screens which we called as sunscreens seen mostly in palaces and grand hotels, in short we work for all the types ornaments needed to design homes, building hotels and gardens. Mangal sudha concrete craft uses material- GRC (glass fiber re-in forced concrete Material) When we talk about of market of construction, many materials are used for renovations and creating new objects. However, but one material is way ahead than others and that is Glass fiber reinforced concrete also known as GRC (GFRC), yes mangalsudha concrete craft believes GRC glass fiber reinforced concrete is one of the most commonly and best natural materials used in the construction industry, with exceptional durability and texture. Its composition consists of specialized sand, cement, water, alkali resistant fiberglass, appropriately selected chemicals and/or colorants, which are dispensed in the appropriate proportions according to a specific technological regime; it has become the company’s secret. Because of its easy to use makes it different and best use material worldwide, it allows you to give desire shape due to its flexibility. Its main advantage is also plasticity, versatility and lightness, which gives you the freedom in forming the shape. Not without significance is unique hardness and strength of fiber concrete, it is characterized by its high resistance to destructive external factors such as sun, frost and corrosion. Mangalsudha concrete craft team is leading team and only team in India which works on GRC, it provides full freedom for designing and building beautiful crafts. Due to the high standard of aesthetics, the fiber-concrete material is becoming increasingly popular with customers who want to be happy and satisfied with the final results of construction and finishing work in their homes, and more.


Mangal sudha concrete craft CO head Pankaj Bhuradkar who is an artist by himself believes GRC presents architects and engineers with a material from which the most ambitious designs can be created. It can be molded to form modern futuristic designs or to replicate traditional historic features. GRC can be painted, faced with fine aggregates, colored or simply left with a natural white or grey, smooth or textured finish. GRC provides the designer a complete technology that few other materials cannot match its versatility. GRC is different from traditional concrete, Manish Bhuradkar head of mangal sudha concrete craft who is civil engineer -expert and believes   GRC offers the engineer an unrivalled range of material properties. GRC is not a single material. Its properties can be engineered to suit each application. For example, for products such as permanent formwork, high short-term strength is required. While for utility and drainage products light weight combined with durability give GRC a considerable advantage.   Examples of engineering and art are seen worldwide with the help of GRC material.


Mangalduha concrete craft team think in recent years, a shortage of skilled workers combined with the need to produce lighter weight building components has led to significant advancements in the use of prefabricated GRC elements. Builders worldwide are appreciating the increase in speed of construction that GRC provides. Furthermore, engineers are discovering that small additions of alkali resistant glass fibers can benefit the quality of traditional concrete elements, whether precast or cast in-situ. Research has shown that high-modulus can you use i in a synthesis essay jump4love alkali resistant glass fibers can help to control cracking and improve durability.  

Some of the advantages of GRC 

  • GRC can be molded easily.
  • GRCis fast to fix.
  • GRCis durable.
  • GRCis crack resistant.
  • GRCis environmentally friendly.
  • GRCproducts reduce loadings on buildings leading to significant savings in superstructure and foundations.
  • GRCis excellent for reproduction and renovation.
  • GRCis lightweight.
  • GRCis easy to handle and transport.
  • GRCis fast to install.
  • GRC is first choice of a designer.
  • GRC is steel free.
  • GRC comes in wide range of colors.

Our Work History in working with GRC material

We have worked with glass fiber reinforced concrete GRC (GFRC) from last 10 years – in  the India we performed the conversion of traditional sculptures and modern era designs, we Indians are famous for our great  designs right from ancient times which can be seen in our Palaces around India with beautiful architectures which is appreciated worldwide and we mangalsudha concrete craft team are continuing that hereditary work with GRC material to give our art new heights, reliefs, cornices and similar elements of historic facade, through the use of the technology of glass fiber reinforced concrete GRC (GFRC). Subsequent years have allowed us to gain invaluable experience on several continents during the implementation of projects and specific investments.

Our team

Two Visionaries artist and sculptures who are working as a team from past many years and building up this magnificent team and they are  working beautifully and doing excellent job around India with their design and art with best quality.

Manish Buradkar

Civil Engineer by profession. For me whatever I do should be safe and best for whom I am working making bring Indian designs new heights with Solid work with my team.

Pankaj Buradkar

Fine arts student and making my way to develop designs which can uplift our Indian hereditary classic art in construction, sculptures and all not only in India but around the globe.